Benny Goodman, the Kind of Swing

Benny Goodman, the Kind of Swing

Benny Goodman has gone down in history as the King of Swing.   He was a clarinetist and lead the most popular swing band in American from 1936 to 1940

Benjamin David Goodman (May 30, 1909 – June 13, 1986) was an American clarinetist and bandleader known as the “King of Swing”.

His Carnegie Hall concert January 16, 1938 was described by one critic as the single most important jazz concert in history.

Some called it Jazz’s coming out party.

His band was the most integrated band in his era.

Goodman continued to perform until the end of his life.

Benny Goodman, a life well  lived and well played.

Pun intended.

Goodman played his last concert only six days before his death.  He died June 13, 1986 from a heart attack at his apartment in New York. 

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