December 2, 2023


We really like Swing music.  One young lady in Tuscany Italy told us years ago when we operated this station in Oregon, that she enjoyed the “joy”, the happiness of the music.   That is was well written, talently performed, and made her feel good.

That is why we like Swing music.   At one point, I have operated ten online radio stations.    The most listended to station was swing music.   We are streaming from Tennessee, but you can hear this station in the United States, Canada, and England.

We will be conducting promotions to encourage more listenerships and to reward listeners for supporting this station by listening.

There is a donate link, but please remember STREET LEVEL AMERICA, LLC is a for profit company.  You will not be able to deduct donations from your taxes.   We still appreciate your donations and financial support.

We do embrace those who want to purchase advertising on our stations, or through Street Level America, LLC.

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